Should you hate me because I hurt you? Or should you love me because I made you feel special for a while?

yeah, can you please answer that? because I didn't do anything wrong for you to hate me, because that's what you are doing, right? only because you didn't get it the way you planned it, well, life doesn't always go your way. it never will. and I hope one day, that you can see thing a little bit clear, cause you know, I never ment to hurt you in anyway and you know that as well as I do, you just didn't want to get hurt, and I understand that, cause who tha hell wants to? I mean, I didn't want us to not talk, I wanted us to be best friends. I understand thats hard for you, but you know what? I miss you constantly, as someone to just talk to, to be friends with, i miss that, everyday.


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